ELEANOR HALL: There’s a gnawing anxiety among many pregnant women in China in the lead up to the Chinese New Year on February 19th.

That’s the day the Chinese zodiac will flip from the highly auspicious Year of the Horse to the deeply unfortunate Year of the Sheep

Chinese folklore holds that babies born under the Sheep zodiac are very unlucky and don’t live long.

And despite a huge push by China’s state-owned media to dismiss the Chinese astrology, hospitals across the country are reporting huge upswing in births and an unusual surge in caesarean deliveries that would see babies born before the zodiac change.

Deborah Cornwall with this report.

DEBORAH CORNWALL: If you believe in the Chinese zodiac, 2015’s Year of the Sheep is bad news for everybody.

Those born under the sheep sign, it’s said, are “meek and destined for slaughter rather than success”.

And for girl children, it’s even worse.

Aimee Zheng from the China Australia Millennial Project.


Deborah Cornwall reported this story on Thursday, January 22, 2015