MARK COLVIN: The New South Wales corruption watchdog will learn in the next 24 hours if it can still go ahead with an inquiry into one of the state’s leading prosecutors, Margaret Cunneen.

The prosecutor’s legal team launched a challenge in the Supreme Court this week, arguing the ICAC inquiry should be shut down.

Cunneen’s lawyers have demanded that the ICAC be accountable for its decision to go after the prosecutor and warned that if the inquiry were to go ahead, it would set a dangerous precedent for anyone in public office.

Deborah Cornwall was in the court today. She joins me now. So what news since yesterday?

DEBORAH CORNWALL: The hearing went for about three hours today but it was very heavy legal argument, because this challenge really does hinge on whether the ICAC can be made the accountable to the court at all.

And so Justice Hoeben said today that it throws up fundamental issues about how the ICAC uses its quite draconian powers. So the law is in uncharted territory here.