ABC_PM_Live coverage of ICAC inquiry 17/03/2014

MARK COLVIN: The New South Wales corruption inquiry has started hearings on the affairs of the disgraced former Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid again for the first time this year, and it’s dragged in some new and powerful names.

Among the explosive allegations at the New South Wales Independent Commission against Corruption; that senior Labor and Liberal figures – including the current Federal Assistant Treasurer Arthur Sinodinos – were involved in an allegedly corrupt scheme to make tens of millions of dollars from a company linked to the family of Mr Obeid.

Deborah Cornwall was at the hearing, she joins me now. So where to begin?

DEBORAH CORNWALL: Well of course like every other inquiry this one has got Eddie Obeid front and centre, but as you say the most sensational development today is that we now see that Eddie Obeid’s sphere of influence extends well into the Liberal Party and it would appear that he was building bridges with the Liberal Party as early as 2008 to get…

MARK COLVIN: In what way?